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Shari Heftel LMT, Rolf S.I. Practitioner, RYT200
Licensed Massage Therapist
Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner
Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance
RTT, QHHT Practitioner
Sound Healer, Kirtan Leader

I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii where I developed a deep and profound love of nature. Ironically, my passion for wellness truly began as I started to feel it slipping away. As my energy and zest for life began to fade I was diagnosed with one major illness after another. Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia were some of the labels that were given me. I spent a lot of time in doctors' offices desperately trying to find answers.
It was not until I started to take control of my own well-being and seek alternative care that I began to feel better. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation enabled me to calm my nervous system and begin to develop a mastery of my thoughts helping me to journey towards greater health.
Also important was the bodywork I received which helped to release the stress and strain I was holding. As soon as my energy returned and I was well enough I began to study the healing arts that helped me so tremendously. 
I was privileged to deepen my study of yoga and conscious movement, finding a deep sense of healing and peace through asana and pranayama.
I studied massage and became fluent in many modalities, including Thai Yoga, Trigger Point, Guasha, Hot Stone, Myofascial, Vibra-cussion, and Sports Massage. I am a certified practitioner of Advanced Ashiatsu Massage.
I studied the relaxing art of Tai Chi learning the importance of moving without tension and just "being" in a relaxed manner.
Although these methods were very effective, I felt that something was missing. My health was restored, but my body still felt off balance, leading me to seek out a Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner. The balance and alignment I gained in my body inspired me and fueled my passion to learn and then share this work with others. 
I studied extensively at The Guild for Structural Integration in Salt Lake City, Utah, learning from inspiring teachers Neal Powers and Nilce Silveira. I consider receiving my certification to practice Rolf Structural Integration to be one of my greatest achievments thus far.
I am passionate about this work and sing praises to its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf whose inspired vision and tenacity make all this possible. Its empowering ways are consistent with my belief in limitless human potential. We are remarkable beings that can become better as we mature; growing older does not have to equal decline. 

Most recently I have added RTT, Rapid Transformational therapy and QHHT, Quantum Healing Technique, transformative hypnotherapy tools to heal trauma and limiting beliefs, enabling clients to move through unconscious blocks, opening to your greatest healing.

I am a practitioner of Sound Medicine and conduct Soundbaths on a regular basis, using voice, singing bowls, gongs and other instruments to promote deep relaxation and healing. 



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