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The Ten Series of Structural Integration

Rolf Structural Integration consists of ten sessions which work through the entire body to systematically organize and bring the body's structure to a higher level of order. 

Session One:
Work on the arms, chest, ribcage, and diaphragm releases strain and allows the breath to move more freely in the body. A sense of up is achieved.
Session Two:
The feet and legs are worked and organized to establish a stable and dynamic foundation for the body.
Session Three:
A lateral line is created by organizing the tissues on the side of the body to establish a front and a back from cranium to pelvis. 
Session Four:
A sense of core is accomplished by organizing and balancing the inner legs from the pelvis to the feet.
Session Five:
Balance between the abdominal wall and deeper psoas muscle is established by organizing and releasing tension from the anterior body, bringing length and greater ease to the lower back.
Session Six:
Focus on the posterior legs, hips, and lumbars help to support a balanced sacrum and pelvis. A "breathing sacrum" is established.
Session Seven:
A "breathing cranium" is encouraged by working on the upper body; arms, chest, neck and the head.
Session Eight:
This session focuses on the lower body integrating the work done from previous sessions.
Session Nine:
This session focuses on the upper body integrating the work done from previous sessions.
Session Ten:
Integrative techniques are employed to bring sense of order, balance and completion to the body.


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