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"Shari Heftel is an amazingly gifted bodyworker and a talented motion instructor. I have had the privilege of both receiving bodywork and learning yoga and tai chi from her. Her yoga and tai chi classes are perfect for beginners and advanced students alike, and the principles of motion and stillness she teaches have been very helpful for me in my everyday life. Her ashiatsu is just about the perfect massage: deep without being sharp, therapeutic while also being relaxing.


However, one of the biggest places where Shari shines is in structural integration. Although I was only able to go through a limited number of sessions with her, I saw definite, permanent changes in my body. Through Shari’s work, I found a greater level of ease in my body and experienced a lessening of tension and pain. I found it was easier for me to stand with better posture--without having to think about it or expend extra effort. And all of this made it easier for me to do more of the things I love to do!


I cannot recommend Shari highly enough. She is compassionate, hardworking, and strongly intuitive. If you are thinking about getting work from Shari, do it! It is worth it."


Christian H./Orem, UT



"I've been going to Shari, for almost a year now for massages, at least once or twice a month now.  She offers several different types of massage and I've had the pleasure of experiencing them all.  I've gotten hot-stone, Ashiatsu, Thai yoga, the normal two handed massage, and sometimes a combination of two of them from her.  I always come out of my massages with her super relaxed and happy.  Some sessions I can just float away and relax (and sometimes fall asleep and snore) if I so choose and some sessions I like to have stimulating conversations with Shari while she works.  She is very professional and courteous."


Andrew B./College Station, TX



"I have been going to Shari for over a year.  She does both Swedish and ashiatsu massage.  The idea of someone using their feet, made me nervous at first, but after one session I was hooked.  I would recommend ashiatsu to anyone.  It allows for more depth without the pointy elbows that accompany such depth.  In addition to being incredibly relaxing, it has aided in my recovery from a neck injury.  I have more flexibility in my arms and shoulders. For the first time in my memory, my hands a re warm from increased circulation.  I have been to massage therapists at spas in the DFW and Houston areas, and would recommend Shari over any of them.  Not only is the massage amazing, but her attitude and insight is supremely beneficial, and she is very professional."


Jennifer R./Dallas TX



"Recently, I had my first hot stone massage from Shari and was not sure what to expect.    It was amazing,  and surprisingly felt nothing like hard rocks but more like the softest, smoothest velvet.   It was quite a  treat & so relaxing.  Shari was very careful with my lumbar concerns,  quietly asked questions along the way but was very comfortable massaging in silence at times. Also, I found her music selections &  the room's ambiance to be extremely soothing."


Tammy S./Iola, TX



"I highly recommend getting massages from Shari.  Shari is committed to helping people thrive and massage is one of the ways through which she helps people release their tension so they can live their lives with more ease.  She knows a number of massage techniques: Swedish, deep tissue, hot rock, Thai massage, and Ashiatsu.  Her knowledge of yoga, tai chi and chi kung allow her to understand the human body & mind, and why and how we hold on to tension and stress.  Shari is genuinely concerned for her client's well-being and her hands & energy are truly healing."


Kim D./El Paso, TX



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